Memorial Garden

In January 2019 a donation was made to St Edward’s Church in memory of Lyn Banbury, who lived in Hassop Walk and died in December 2018. With the agreement of Lyn’s family, the church trustees decided to use the money to brighten up the front of the church with some plants. This led to the idea of a memorial garden which has proved popular. So we are inviting people to contribute to the project in memory of their loved ones. Contributions are welcomed in the form of money and/or gardening skills. We will keep a record in a memorial book of all who donate and those they wish to remember. To enable as many people to contribute as possible there is no maximum or minimum donation. It is the thought that counts not the amount, though there are some guidelines below. 

The picture on the left below shows a plant called Jacob’s Ladder, after Jacob in the Bible who saw angels climbing a ladder stretching from the earth to heaven. We aim to keep a Jacob’s Ladder plant as a centerpiece to the garden. Our first morning's gardening attracted 16 volunteers from the church, families remembering loved ones, including Lyn's family and from Mottingham Horticultural Society. Other photos show progress after our first day's gardening on 13th July. Watch this website for further gardening days. 

How to be involved...

Donations are welcomed in cash, cheques and/or helping with the garden. Ongoing watering and weeding will be needed. The list below gives an idea of plant costs. 

£10 will be enough for us to buy a young shrub

£20 will buy a rose or mature shrub

£40 will buy a small tree or plants like an Acer

If you would like to fund a particular type of plant please add a note to say so with your donation.

Funds will be put into a garden fund to buy plants, to re-stock  and for things like fertilizer, weed-killer, ongoing maintenance and fencing. Our aim is to establish the fund so that we can keep the garden maintained many decades into the future.

  • New planting 3
  • Garden long view

Plant Cuttings

In order to keep the garden colourful all year round we are planning a range of plants with different foliage, flowering times and so on. We will be planting hardy perennials, so that the plants can survive in the heavy clay soil and the exposed location. If you would like to donate a plant or a cutting please let us know so that we can discuss what is planned and ensure the location is suitable for the type of plant.