Who's Who at St Edward's

Below we have pictures of the senior officers and trustees of the church and some key volunteers

Above - from left to right: Pat Dockree - cook, pastoral assistant, flowers, sacristan and more Errol Furlong, churchwarden, handyman, cab driver and photographer Ruth Slater - Treasurer, with Pat, pastoral assistant, volunteer Atim Oji - Safeguarding and Deputy Warden Rev Katie Kelly - Curate Rev Anne Hoad, Assistant Priest Simona Kawaliauskaite - Sunday school leader, dance teacher and carer Right: Rev Dr Catherine Shelley - Vicar

Left: Claudette, Deputy Churchwarden and Children's Worker Below: Top Row: Yvonne, Diane, Jenny and Steven - PCC members & Deputy Warden Bottom Row: Debbie & Allan, PCC members Nana - Fire Warden; Paula - Volunteer