Weddings and Blessings

Weddings and Blessings

To discuss a wedding, blessing or other celebration contact the Vicar, Catherine Shelley - 

Tel: 07711 611201 - 


Whether celebrating a wedding, renewing your vows or wanting a blessing - We are here to help make your day special…

The personal touches…

Although there is a basic outline for the wedding service you can choose from all or any of the following to make it personal for you, your family and friends: 

· Favourite poems or readings

· Music that you like for going into, during and when leaving the service

· Contributions from family or friends

· Bridesmaids, page boys and any other support; 

· Brides can be given away if you want but you don’t have to be…

· Photographs, pictures and other symbols  

As we plan the service the Vicar will discuss these personal touches so that the service reflects your lives and what this celebration of love means to you. 

For a blessing there is even more flexibility to shape the service as you wish as there are no legal formalities.