Development Project

Development Project at St. Edward’s Church, Mottingham

A little history:We have been applying for funding for a worker for some years to support our commitment to work with the local community. (We started looking for these funds in 2009 and we continue to apply for the funds needed for the work.)  We saw a need for both community work to support people in the area to develop skills and confidence, and to develop the whole Church site as an asset for the whole community and not only for people who pray there. 

We have been very involved in a potential development of the site to incorporate health facilities, such as a GP practice, however, this was found to be financially unviable and so that worked stopped in about 2006/7. 

Project Organisation: We appointed a worker in September 2013 and a constituted Project Development Group of Church members and others from the local community.  A work programme is being developed and implemented and the Committee is monitoring progress as well as bringing ideas, questions and their experience.  Although the original worker has now left the project, work continued and the Development Group have now appointed Sue Turner as the new worker. Exciting times!



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