We welcome everyone
and, strive to embrace diversity in all its forms,
in serving the local community
through our worship and activities.

The Healing Ministry is given high priority
and is offered at the Sunday Parish Eucharist,
and at other times by appointment.

The vicar and some members of the congregation
also practice Reiki and this may also incorporated
into the Ministry of Healing on request

St. Edward

The Church Hall is used for

various Youth and Community Activities. 
It can be can be hired at times when not in use.
Please email ruthstedproject@gmail.com
There are also plans to develop the church building
to provide improved community facilit

We are actively engaged with the local community.
Several members of the congregation serve various
community groups and volunteer at:
the Mottingham Community and Learning Shop,
(which the church, through the Community Forum,
was involved in setting up),
St. Edward's Day Centre,Youth Project,
the local schools and the local Charity Shop
We also engage in mission
through an active International Link
with a parish in Manicaland, Zimbabwe,

We work closely with other statutary and voluntary agencies
as well as other churches and faith groups. 

Youth Work at St.Edwards is led in partnership with Bromley

As a way of engaging young people
and combating vandalism a mural was created
on the church Hall and the local supermarket,
sponsored by Bromley Myfuture,
led by Julian Plethean of 'Positive Arts'

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